Have you ever spent a lot of hard earned money for a vacation or a weekend getaway only to get there and be pulled back into a crisis at work?  The downfall is you just cannot put the phone down.  If you had left it at home, you would not have the problem.  The following vacation spots with no internet will be able to eliminate the temptations of human nature.  If there is no internet, it will be more difficult for your job to win.

Getting Away

The critical thing you will need to do to get away is not only to have no internet but no internet access via a cell service either.  There can be no cheating when you think you are free and no one is looking.  You have to get away from the internet entirely.  Without this, you will never be able to achieve the calm serenity of a vacation.  You will never be able to let the worry of work leave your body without choosing a vacation spot with no internet.

What is the meaning of unplugged to you?  Do you think of a warm beach with waves crashing on the shoreline?  Do you think of fishing from a serene lake basking in the sun?  Do you think of campfires and marshmallow roasts?  You have your ideas of unplugged.  The next series of places fall under the meaning of unplugged because they specialize in having a lack of internet available from the moment you arrive. 

There are resorts all over the world offering digital detox packages for customers that want to assure they are held accountable for not engaging in the digital world.  Ironically, a quick internet search of “digital detox packages” brings up many choices for your liking.  There is also a range of budgets to choose.  The field is anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars a night to thousands of dollars a night. 

Unique Getaways

Castles started out medieval and there are still ones that you can find that remain that way.  You can visit and even stay the night in some castles and never worry about touching your phone, computer or iPad because the beauty around you is enough without the distractions.  Visiting a castle can transport you, through your imagination, to a different time and you can imagine how the people lived during that time without the modern conveniences you enjoy today.

If you are looking for adventure while being connection free, then you may want to visit the Sahara Desert.  Some of the main attractions of the desert include riding a camel, sand surfing, and stargazing.  You can pamper yourself with a sand spa day where you lay in the sand to help ease tired and sore muscles.  Spotting unusual wildlife such as a desert fox is another favorite thing to do.  No internet access, no problem.

Do you spend all day on Amazon?  Why not trade that internet site in on spending all day in the Amazon?  The Amazon is a great place to visit.  It offers jungles, rivers, mountains, and waterfalls.  You can find many areas that do not provide modern conveniences of the internet or social media networks.  Once you get used to the idea of no phones, just think of the peace you will feel listening to the monkey’s talk.

Treehouse accommodations are all the rage.  If you love to see the beauty of your surroundings from high in the air and you can stomach being that high in the air, a treehouse getaway is for you.  Many treehouse hotels do not have tv, internet, or cell service.  You and your party are on your own with the animals in the wilderness just relaxing and unwinding.

You have seen all of the tiny home popularity on television.  Why not go and check one out for yourself on your next vacation spot with no internet?  Many tiny home hotel communities offer the amenity of no internet connection.  Taking a small vacation in a tiny home will allow you some time to mellow and see what all the fuss is about.  Who knows, if you love it you may be a future tiny homeowner one day.  You will never know until you try.   

Island Time

If you prefer an island getaway, many islands boast being internet free.  No devices, no distractions, no worries will be the theme of your island adventure.  There are places where you can pay money to ensure there will be no connecting during your stay.  Laucala Island and Turtle Island Resort, both in Fiji, are two such options. However, you can find these island options anywhere in the world.    

If you are from the United States and would like to stay a little closer to home, Jade Mountain, St Lucia and Concordia Eco Resort, St. John USVI are both internet connection free in the Caribbean Islands Region.  As for those travelers that want to say within the boundaries of the United States but remain internet free, Travaasa Hana, Maui offers Hawaiian visitors with such a paradise. 

US Hidden Treasures

If you visit the Grand Canyon National Park, you will find wildlife, river rafting float trips, camping, and star gazing.  What you will not see is an internet connection.  There is very spotty cell service but not enough to send and receive work emails or search the internet for things to do.  If you chose this destination, plan accordingly.

Most everyone knows, most of Alaska is remote.  Yakatut, Alaska is known for being off the grid.  While there, you can learn about the Native culture, hike the Tongass National Forrest, and enjoy the wonderment of the Gulf of Alaska.  What you will not be able to do is post those adventures on Facebook or Instagram, text your family and friends photos, or tweet how much fun you are having.

Travel Overseas

There are many places in China to travel where you will not even need a cell phone or device because there is no internet. Also, if you are in an area that does have internet access, many western sites such as YouTube and Facebook are blocked by the government.  Of course, there are ways around that, but when your goal is a device free vacation, this inconvenience suddenly becomes a perk. 

Tristan da Cunha Island is very remote.  There is no cell service and even the internet café there is so slow that you would never really get any work done anyway, so why bother?  This UK island is a pristine place to reward yourself by taking a hard-earned vacation to and enjoy a digital detox.

Family Trip Ideas

Back in the day, it would cost you a fortune to make a phone call from a cruise ship that was not in a port, much less have an internet connection.  Today, the prices for calls are similar, but cruise ships do offer internet packages.  If you go on a cruise, just say no to purchasing an internet package.  Save that money to make a fun shore excursion day or better yet, to buy that souvenir you have been looking for your whole trip.  Leave your phone locked away in your room safe.  You will not need it!

If you are on a strict budget with a family an excellent way to get those kids off of their devices is to go camping.  This will allow the entire family to get some fresh air while sharing an actual conversation around a campfire instead of texting each other from the next room.  Be sure to choose a campground that is free of Wi-Fi, as some places now offer that feature.

There are thousands of places around the world where you can go primitive.  The fun of a trip like this is you hike packing everything in and everything out.  When you are pulling your own weight for a getaway, the few ounces of those devices become useless and burdensome plus they will not work where you are going anyway.  No temptations here if there are no devices even around. 

You can find yurt living throughout the world.  The best part about a yurt is they can withstand extreme temperatures and be built almost anywhere.  Due to this unlimited building site potential, you can search for a yurt with no connection and find one to rent relatively easy.  The best part is these getaway yurts are typically in the most pristine locations in the world.   

Let Your Hair Down

After all of these wonderful places to visit where you can redefine the meaning of unplugged, you have no excuses for not taking some time to get away from the internet.  Give yourself some down time and enjoy the outdoors and the world around you.  The next time you want an awesome and peaceful week away, leave the devices at home and choose a vacation spot with no internet.

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