Big Fun at Little Palm Island

Unplugging doesn’t always have to equate to retreating to some woodsy area whose middle-of-nowhere location makes the intrusion of modern tech impossible. It can happen in a private island resort, one that overlooks sparkling blue waters from the perch of a white sandy beach.  Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is an ideal example of this notion in action. Located in Florida’s Lower Keys, the resort is hidden in plain sight. More importantly, if you’re here, the world is hidden from you.

A Look at Little Palm Island

Little Palm Island has a reputation for being one of the best resorts in the world. One of the big reasons for its acclaim is its firm commitment to keeping their guests tucked away from the outside world. It may be on the Keys, but it’s still remote – so much so, it can only be accessed by seaplane or boat.

There are no phones, TVs, or children under 16 to be found on the island. Cell phones are also verboten on the island, virtually guaranteeing you the chance to completely break away from work and the other distractions you want to unplug. All that’s left for you to do is engage with your significant other in several days of uninterrupted fun and romance.

Guests stay in air-conditioned bungalows topped by thatched roofs and festooned with custom-made king-size beds swathed in luxe mosquito netting. It's the perfect setting to allow you to just sit back, relax, and let your cares drift away. It's far from the only place on the property that can allow you to rest easy.

Little Palm Island is home to nearly six acres of palm trees, tropical flowers, and white sandy beaches. These are all connected by pristine white pathways made from crushed seashells and are meticulously arranged to prevent any hint of intrusion from the outside world. If you’d prefer to lounge by a discreetly placed pool, Little Palm Island has you covered here as well.

Keeping the Body in Balance

Little Palm Island’s pronounced level of unplugging will go a long way to helping you loosen up the mental kinks that can twist your soul into knots. But what about the physical kinks? Don’t fret – this is where the resort’s spa, SpaTerre, can take your concept of relaxing to uncharted territories.

The spa specializes in deploying Balinese spa treatments and Thai body rituals into its rejuvenating regimen. They also incorporate natural ingredients into their treatments, from coconuts and key limes to flowers, herbs, and minerals indigenous to Southern Florida. These ingredients allow you to connect to the uniquely transcendent beauty that can only be experienced at this slice of the globe.

Some of the special treatments you can immerse yourself into include:

Javanese royal treatment

Fire-Stick Purifying Ritual

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Milk & Honey Body Wrap

The resort is also home to a world-class fitness center to help keep your body fit and strong when it’s not in the throes of being pampered. State of the art elipiticals, treadmills, weight machines, and stationary bikes make it easy for you to continue whatever workout you have at home. The bonus, of course, is that you won’t have to worry about getting interrupted by a text message.

Little Palm Island’s commitment to relaxing your mind doesn’t just stop at creating a tech-free environment. The resort also offers yoga and meditation classes on site. These healing-themed courses can help you reach an even deeper sense of peace and quiet.

Things To Do

Just because you’re at an all-inclusive resort without phones or TV, it doesn’t mean you’ll be compelled to sit around and do nothing. You can absolutely do this if you so desire, naturally. However, there are plenty of activities associated with Little Palm Island that can satisfy your restless soul.

Take dining, for instance. All-inclusive dining here doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same type of dining experience every day you’re here. While you can enjoy an exquisite meal in the resort’s dining room, you can have the opportunity to enjoy special culinary experiences while surrounded by an unforgettable coastal experience.

The resort offers three outdoor dining experiences. Sandy Point and Harbor Point serve up a tropical-inspired waterfront dining encounter, with the latter placing patrons at a table ensconced on a white sand beach. Palapa Point also provides pristine views of turquoise waters from a private table, located in a romantic gazebo with a thatched roof.

Beyond dining, Little Palm Island takes full advantage of its watery surroundings by being a home base for several water-based experiences. Some of these special activities include some heavy-duty adventures. For instance, sports-fishing enthusiasts can climb aboard a boat and explore the waters, with the hops of landing a tarpon, bonefish, or a permit.

Guests that would prefer to simply cruise the waters in luxury can book a romantic private cruise. There are a lot of options for you and your first mate – you can enjoy a sunset dinner cruise complete with a bottle of wine, or you can simply take a nighttime cruise and watch the moonlight play upon the water. You can also sneak in a dash of adventure by doing a little snorkeling on your outing.

If you’re particularly interested in checking out what’s below the water’s surface, you can book a scuba diving trip to Looe Key. Don’t be intimidated if you’re a novice diver – Looe Key’s relatively shallow depth makes it easy for those learning to master the activity to enjoy. Pro scuba divers are also on hand to make sure you don’t miss any exciting site.

Underwater animals aren’t the only critters that you’ll have the chance to see during your outing. You’re not too far from the non-profit Dolphin Research Center, an educational facility that can give you the chance to swim with these special sea-creatures. You’re also not too far from the Great White Heron Wildlife Refuge, home to the second-largest bird migration path in the United States.

A ride aboard a helicopter can allow you to see the romance of the Florida Keys from a most unique perspective. The chopper can seat up to four people, just in case you happen to make new friends on your first night at the resort. Noise-canceling headsets will also cut down outside audio interference.

The resort’s position on the Lower Keys coupled with its ability to welcome seaplanes also makes it possible to engage in a little island hopping. Indeed, an aerial day trip can be arranged to allow you to sneak over to Key West and hang with the locals or take in sights such as Sombrero Reef or Seven Mile Bridge. You may even be able to hit the Bahamas for lunch.

Finally, skydiving opportunities are available for the truly adventurous twosome. While falling to earth at around 130 miles per hour can provide the thrill of a lifetime, the views that you’ll see as you ascend to your jumping point shouldn’t be discounted. Prepare to see breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Florida Keys before you tumble back to the planet.

Little Palm Island Pricing

As you may have guessed, staying at Little Palm Island can be a bit expensive to stay. You can expect to pay four digits per night. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the property is off-limits – it is possible to visit the venue by boat for the day, which includes being granted access to the resort’s sandy beach.

The various periphery activities can also be a bit pricey. For instance, a sports-fishing excursion can set you back anywhere between $500 and $775. However, considering the combination of aesthetic and adventure each of these excursions is poised to offer, chances are excellent that you’ll find them to be worth every penny.

Paradise by the Water

A trip to Little Palm Island is more than a luxurious way to unplug. It’s a breathtaking reminder that you don’t have to have a host of gadgets and technological wizardry to live the good life. You’re constantly in the present moment here, even if that moment simply consists of you laying on a white sandy beach and gazing out at turquoise waters – really, paradise doesn’t get better than that.

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