Yeah, we need to take a break from technology. Log off your social media and put away your smartphone because it’s time to disconnect. Disconnecting from technology is a great way to reconnect with yourself and your thoughts. And there’s no better place to do that than in the beautiful red hills of southern Utah. Welcome to Amangiri.

Amangiri isn’t your typical resort. It’s an other-worldly experience. Even in the most standard of rooms, you’ll feel the life of luxury. It's a great place to disconnect because the architecture and beautiful environment around you will distract you and keep you from thinking about anything else.

Amangiri, here we come.

What is Amangiri?

Located in the vast wilderness of beautiful southern Utah, Amangiri is a 5-star resort worthy of its world-famous mystique. Amangiri is exclusive and stands alone, surrounded by thousands of square miles of magnificent Earth. The area is nearly completely untouched, save for a nearby Native American reservation, the biggest in the nation, and Amangiri itself.

Just like its many sister resorts, Amangiri was founded by the Aman group. “Aman” means “peace” in Sanskrit, which is what you will find at Amangiri, if not anything else. Aman builds its resorts to perfectly fit into their surrounding environments and cultures to unify and tie it all together. Peace.

Luxury Travel Intelligence even ranked their brand No. 1 in the world of hotels and resorts.

Also, like its multi-national sister resorts, Amangirl is designed perfectly to fit into its environment. It appreciates the massive Navajo culture of the area, utilizing the artwork and culture of the residents.

Why You Need to Go Internet-Free at Amangiri ASAP

There’s no better place to disconnect than the vast wilderness of the Mojave desert. The arid desert may not sound appealing, but it sure is beautiful. Wherever your room is, you’ll get a marvelous full-spectrum view of the rolling rocky hills, scattered sagebrush, and light sands for miles and miles. The windows are floor-to-ceiling so that you can see everything.

Amangiri is one of the top resorts in the world. The name Aman is attached to only the best resorts and hotels around the globe. The best part about Amangiri is that it sits in the middle of nowhere. No noise, no city lights, and no traffic. It’s just quiet and serene while you enjoy your vacation from technology.

The idea of Amangiri’s design is to embrace the elements of nature, feeling just attached enough to where you feel separated from the infrastructure of everything.

But there are a lot of reasons to visit Amangiri.

The beautiful scenery

The Utah landscape is nothing short of magnificent. People travel from all over the world to see its Mars-like red hills, sandstone wavestowering toadstools, and several national parks. Amangiri is no different.

From your window, you get a full view of the desert vista. And it’s beautiful. It’s the perfect way to keep your mind off your technology for a weekend (or however long you want).

The view from the suites will show you the surrounding sandstone hills. You are also within walking distance to the Skylight Arch.

Amangiri feels as much a part of the great outdoors as camping does. But you’ll be in that big concrete fortress with like-minded individuals, all with the intent to escape the noise of the big city. It’s exclusive in every sense of the word.

Many hotels and resorts come with the cost of noise. You’ll be around other families, and the stress of it all makes you never want to leave your room. That’s not Amangiri.

The gorgeous weather

The southern Utah weather is typically mild. During the summer months, it gets quite warm with temperatures in the 80s. And during the winter months, it cools down with average high temperatures in the upper 30s and lower 40s. But on most days, regardless of temperature, you get a clear view of the almost always clear blue sky. August is the rainiest month.

The spring, summer, and fall seasons are perfect for hiking and hanging out by the pool. Get yourself a drink and go outside.

Amazing food

Amangiri has a world-class menu with great chefs and impressive options. The dishes are all Southwestern-inspired and farm-fresh, locally sourced, and carefully selected by the chef. While dining in Amangiri's open-plan kitchens, you will interact directly with the chefs who are preparing your food. Additionally, the floor-to-ceiling window provides a stunning view that will be hard to forget. It’s a profoundly relaxing experience that won’t have you anxiously reaching for your phone.

Sticking to the Southwestern theme, meals are cooked using methods like hot stones and wood fire ovens.

The dinner menu is broken down into several different categories, cleverly titled Ocean, Land, Harvest, Beginnings, and Signature. There’s also the Chef’s Nightly Inspiration, which is a unique option where the chef prepares their own specially created dish.

They also offer a wide selection of beverages. You can order a classic cocktail or try a local Utah beer that they have on tap.

The stars

couple under the stars

Image via Pixabay

With southern Utah’s ever-clear skies, you get a great view of the cosmos. Also, due to Amangiri’s upscale charm and international fame, you may even bump elbows with some affluent people.

The rich and famous from all over the world come and stay at Amangiri. There’s a four-bedroom Mesa Home where high-rollers and Hollywood celebs alike spend their private getaway moments away from the big city noise. We suggest you do the same with the time you’re spending here. Some of those high-roller private rooms and Mesas come with their own private pools.

If you retreat to the main pool, you just might find yourself in the affluent company. From millionaires to people you may have seen on television before -- so have a few drinks and make some friends.

You’ll see the moment you arrive. You’re treated like a celebrity. A group of people will be waiting there to take your bags and guide you to your room. Not having to worry about a single thing, you can go straight to your room or sit down and grab a drink.

Honestly, you won’t know what to do first, but you might run into a movie star while you’re finding your footing.

The exclusivity

One of the most significant reasons to visit Amangiri is the same reason this place is excellent for disconnecting: it’s very exclusive. If you ever want to feel wholly separate from the technology-driven world, Amangiri is precisely that. People who have been here describe it as the ultimate exclusive hotel.

Admittedly, the reason it’s so exclusive and why you won’t be running into a lot of people is the price. The amount you pay for this level of amenities is hefty, even in exclusive resort standards. While rates vary by season and selected room, you can expect to pay a little over $2,000 per night in a suite, while the Mesa Home rate can be well over $5,000 per night.

That’s the price to pay for exclusivity and the amenities you can expect at Amangiri. Nothing says “exclusive” quite like being waited on every hour of the day and having your own private pool. There’s a reason this is one of the top spots for Hollywood execs and celebrities.

There are exclusive packages you can purchase though, such as the Kokoro Retreat, which is a three- or five-night stay that completely rejuvenates the mind and body. You’ll be hanging out with fantastic wellness specialists.

An escape to the Canyons and Mountains is another tremendous exclusive package. It will take you to the two Aman resorts located in the United States. A private jet will fly you from Amangiri to the Aman resort located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, called Amangani.

There are other exclusive offers, including private charters and flights with amazing views and privileges. You won’t even think about touching your phone or connecting to Wi-Fi.

Enjoy a group hike… or an adventure!

Make sure to pack your sunscreen, because you’re going to spend some time in the sun. Yes, there’s a 24-hour pool, but you wouldn’t be fully immersed in the great outdoors without a great hike with a breathtaking view.

Amangiri offers more than just hikes. They’re adventures! They will take you to places where a Wi-Fi connection isn’t possible, but you won't even think twice about it. Do you want to take a hot air balloon ride early in the morning and catch the sunrise? Or what about kayaking in the nearby Lake Powell?

Or if you have your heart set on hiking, you can take a sort of art-tour through the canyons to view the beauty and splendor of Navajo paintings.

How to Get to Amangiri

Amangiri is a hidden jewel. Perhaps that’s the point. If you don't know what you're looking for, you wouldn’t just stumble upon it by accident. Amangiri is described as a Bond villain's secret lair or fortress. You won’t see it from the road, but if you know where it is, you’ll appreciate its solitude. But don’t worry, it won’t be hard to find.

Amangiri is located just off Highway 89, about 20 minutes from Page, Arizona -- home of Lake Powell. Kanab, Utah, is about an hour and 10 minutes in the opposite direction. There will be a mysterious road that veers off into the distance. A gate blocks it off. Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t some back door into Area 51 -- you’re in the right place.

Just push the button on the intercom on the side of the gate and tell them your reservation number. They’ll let you right in. Follow the road, and eventually, you’ll see it...


Disconnect in the Quiet Desert at Amangiri

Amangiri is a hidden jewel. Perhaps that’s the point. If you don't know what you're looking for, you wouldn’t just stumble upon it by accident. Amangiri is described as a Bond villain's secret lair or fortress. You won’t see it from the road, but if you know where it is, you’ll appreciate its solitude. But don’t worry, it won’t be hard to find.

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